My name is Piers

Reformed Programmer, Game Designer, World Builder

My relationship with technology allows me to see new possibilities for it.

I grew up around computers; My first job was managing websites in elementary school! Learning to code independently, I graduated from high school at 13 and co-founded a video game company in college. Making games is how I discovered my core interest of designing systems for positive interaction. After a short career in enterprise consulting, I became disillusioned with the tech industry culture - and quit.

Working in other fields, I realized how large the gap had grown between technology companies and the people they were supposed to be serving. I began volunteering my computer skills to local not-for-profits and the populations they support. Their frustrations with current technology prompted me to seek alternatives, eventually starting to design my own.

The World Wide Web is a globalized connection - I desire a local alternative.

For the last year and a half, I've been working on a crazy idea: growing a local internet for Santa Cruz. Not long ago, global companies like Google were our best option for reliable storage and communication. With mesh networking, blockchain, and other decentralized systems reaching maturity, I see an opportunity to change our relationship with technology for Good. I want to transfer our data back from The Cloud.

My vision is a network of networks, built by community, powered by those with extra to benefit those with less. Santa Cruz is the perfect place to start: we have the talent, resources, and motivation to try something new. I've already planted the seeds, and I'm eager to help them take root. Let's discover a better future together - I'm ready to re-restart.

From Piers with 💚